Application and Features

  • eSafeT takes the “whY” out of safety
  • It saves you time in compiling site specific Health and Safety Specifications, Health & Safety Files, Safety Plans and Covid-19 Plans!
  • You only pay for when you use eSafeT
  • No subscription or monthly fees
  • Immediate access to all relevant OHS documentation
  • Peace of mind – Repeatable Quality of Documentation
  • Compliant OHS Documentation
  • Access to preferred service provider/s at a discounted rate
  • Extensive savings in terms of time, cost and effort due to a timeous rectification and maintenance of OHS issues
  • Free Access to updated and current legislation
  • Contribute to a healthy workforce, employee stability and improved labour relations
  • Control of cost relating to acquiring OHS services and product
  • Provides construction safety documentation that will set the new standard
  • 24 hour access to up to date documentation sets
  • When regulations change, eSafeT will follow suite
  • Online support and help
  • Assistance in completing documentation
  • eSafeT will provide you with an electronic invoice immediately after your purchase and a copy will be sent to the registered account holders’ email

Covid-91 Plan

The documentation set includes

  • Comprehensive Company Policy
  • Health & Safety Plan
  • Risk Assessments
  • Surveillance Questionnaires
  • Induction Course Documentation
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Inspection Lists
  • Appointment Letters

The Covid-19 Plan documents are produced per Client and simply reproduced using the site specific information for each construction project. The set is purchased once per construction company, for the first project and is reproduced free of charge for each subsequent project of the same client.


The documentation set includes

  • Specification
  • Baseline Risk Assessment
  • Appointments
  • Notification of Construction Work

All documents are customised based on the project's risk profile and the site specific details. Each Specification document set is licensed and purchased per client per construction project.

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Health & Safety Files

The documentation set includes

  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe Works Procedures
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Basic Fall Plan
  • Appointments
  • Various Health and Safety Registers
  • Toolbox Talks

This is potentially a very comprehensive set of documentation. Only the documents and sections within documents pertaining to the project in question and based on the project's risk profile, are produced and customised using the site specific details. Each Health & Safety File document set is licensed and purchased per contractor per construction project.